Daredevil announces Oct. 19 premiere for what promises to be a dark, bleak Season 3


It’s been nearly two weeks since a teaser for Season 3 of Netflix’s Daredevil appeared at the end of Iron Fist’s second season. Marvel has indicated for the past year that the next season of Daredevil would appear in 2018, even though Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist all had new seasons this year.

With the teaser and a clever social media campaign based on Bible verses that alluded to the dark turn that Daredevil’s Season 3 would take, we knew that the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen was coming. We just didn’t know exactly when. That is, until now.

On Thursday, Netflix released another Daredevil teaser, this one announcing the date of the Season 3 premiere. And it’s much sooner than many would have guessed. (I was guessing around Thanksgiving, since that’s such a popular time for binging and previous Marvel shows being released around that time. But maybe Netflix is giving that slot to another show this year.)

We’re only a month away from new Daredevil episodes! The third season will premiere on Oct. 19, just six weeks after Iron Fist, Season 2 debuted on the streaming network.

That seems like a rather fast turnaround, but with positive buzz surrounding Iron Fist’s second season, maybe Netflix and Marvel wanted to keep that energy going. Or with so much original content being produced these days, perhaps this was the best slot available.

Much like what we saw two weeks ago, this is a dark, bleak tease for Season 3. Matt Murdock is believed missing or dead after what happened at the end of The Defenders, and maybe he wants to stay that way. Does that liberate him to unleash his worst impulses on criminals as Daredevil? Giving in to the devil, if you will?


The prevailing speculation is that Season 3 is inspired by the 1986 “Born Again” comic book story arc by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli. Murdock ending up in a nunnery while recovering from injuries did nothing to dispel that notion. Season 2 also hinted that Wilson Fisk might have a lead on Daredevil’s secret identity, which is a key aspect of the “Born Again” storyline. Fisk finds out that Matt Murdock is Daredevil and proceeds to destroy the lawyer’s life (for example, having the IRS freeze his assets) without ever laying a figure on his adversary.

Thus far, the teasers indicate that Murdock has lost everything and is in Don’t Give A Fuck mode because of it. With nothing left to live for, he’ll take it out on every criminal he encounters in Hell’s Kitchen, presumably working his way toward Fisk. That is, if he knows Fisk is behind this after Daredevil put him in jail at the end of Season 1.


What’s also intriguing is that Daredevil has only been shown in his Season 1 homemade costume, not the red suit that Melvin Potter made for him. Was that suit destroyed beyond repair at the end of The Defenders? Was it confiscated and maybe hidden? Did Fisk get his hands on it? Or is this some sort of “back to basics” approach for Daredevil?

I’m a big fan of the suit, so I hope it returns. Daredevil is easily the coolest-looking of Netflix’s Marvel characters because of it. Maybe it’ll pop up toward the end of the season, as happened in Season 1, becoming an outward representation of his arc. That was how it played out in the comic books, with Daredevil putting his suit back on serving as the climactic moment of the storyline.

Daredevil will have a panel at New York Comic Con Oct. 6. We’ll probably learn more about Season 3 then, and maybe we’ll get some more footage, along with a full trailer.


(P.S. Are we finally getting Bullseye in Season 3? The Kingpin might be Daredevil’s ultimate adversary, but we still haven’t seen DD’s arch-nemesis.)