An open letter to The Big Bang Theory


Dear Big Bang Theory,

I have loved you for almost 12 years now. We have had a lot of laughs, a few cries and overall, a tremendous relationship.

However, I agree with the masses: it’s time that your amazing 12-year run come to an end. Your 12th and final season premiere was uninspired and gave many the impression that you are just going through the motions. The second episode of the week (on Sept. 27) was better and even had me thinking of how good the old times were. 

I have so many favorite episodes that it would be impossible to write them all down. Here are a few that come to mind: The one where Sheldon turns himself into a virtual presence device was hysterical.

I loved the episode that explained what happened to the elevator. When Amy and Sheldon met was another classic.

How about the one where Howard got into a little predicament with the robot hand? Another favorite Howard episode was where he had to explain to the guys why he and Bernadette broke up after a couple of dates.

Oh, how about when Sheldon wins the award for top scientist and he gets drunk at the awards ceremony and, well, I can’t spoil that episode. Just be prepared to laugh.

The point is that you have been a great show, usually the number one show in America, but all good things must come to an end. Your entire run has been something special. You have made millions of fans laugh every single week for 12 years. That’s something that very few shows can say. You will end your run in the same category as M*A*S*H, Cheers, Seinfeld and Friends. The Office is arguably in that same class. However, it was never the same once Steve Carell left. 

For the last 12 years, I have looked forward to each and every Monday or Thursday night (depending on football season) because I knew that I would get to watch characters that I have basically, for lack of a better term, fallen in love with. So many laughs, so many memories.

Now, however, it’s time for you to end. As each character developed, you got further and further away from the actual premise of the show, but I get it. Even in real life, very few people remain the same over 12 years.

The only character that has basically been left behind is Raj. Other than the fact that he can now talk to women, he has been forgotten and ignored because no writer had a clue what to do with him.

I miss the video game schedule that the guys went by at the start of the show. Or how Sheldon could only eat certain things on certain days. The quirks of each character pulled me in and nothing can beat those early seasons.

But the last two years have gotten stale. No longer always funny, but usually good. That’s why it’s time to end the show. Nothing can last forever. It was an amazing run and I will always remember you, Big Bang Theory, thanks in part to owning every episode and the fact that TBS still runs the show a ton of times each day.

Big Bang Theory, thank you again. You will always be in my heart and nothing can change that. 

Yours truly,

Chris Cox