Why you should sign up for DC Universe


If you don’t know what DC Universe is by now, then you probably haven’t listened to the podcast or have been living under a rock since San Diego Comic-Con. Just in case you fall into one of those two categories, let me briefly explain it to you.

DC Universe is a new streaming service that has everything DC from comics to movies to original content and even a fan community. If you are a DC fan or really just a comic book fan in general, then this is the service for you.

I believe that you have to break down DC Universe into two parts: the comic book part and the original content part. I think that’s why I’ll try to break it up and review it as two separate parts once when the original content part launches. So for now, let’s just cover the current content on the service.

By the way, Ian and I spent 40 minutes breaking down the service in detail on our DC Universe special edition.

A bunch of comic book aficionados are unhappy with the amount of content currently on the site. It’s like they expected DC to put every single thing they’ve created on the site from day one. That expectation is completely unreasonable.

DC is instead taking the approach where it will rotate the comics, movies, and TV shows available and will always have new content on the site. I believe the intent is to create a constant stream of content discovery. Always rotating and adding new content while getting rid of the old. That makes the whole thing more fun. It creates a since of urgency to read comics while you can because you never know how long they are going to stay on the site.

That discovery has completely pulled me in and has me hooked. On the podcast, I’ve mentioned plenty of times how I’m new to comics. I don’t know everything that there is; it’s all new to me. I’m not jaded by having read the same book 15 times. I have never read or watched the Death of Superman story arc, so when I was able to tap on the picture for The Death of Superman, it not only showed me the movie but all of the comics I would need to understand the entire story arc.

I thought to myself, that’s it! DC Universe has figured it out. They realized out how to make content discovery and consumption seamless. It shouldn’t be about having to search and search, and just find something. That’s overwhelming, especially with the amount of content DC has. That’s the selling point. You name the topic or character or story arc and the site will show you where to begin.

If you need to learn more about a character, the “Encyclopedia” feature is for you. You need to learn about kryptonite or the Joker or anything DC related, they have a simple place to find out. If you want to connect with people who are just like you and believe in having fun, check out the “Community.” It is 100% about the user. After searching the site, I found plenty of new characters to learn about. 

Batman: The Animated Series was on everyday after school, and I was reminded of my childhood by watching the show in beautiful HD. I don’t think I would’ve ever purchased a Harley Quinn comic on my own, but thanks to DCU I can read multiple books she’s in now.

That’s a great thing. If you don’t like a character normally, well, now you don’t have to worry about spending your money on it. For 5-7 dollars a month, depending on when you subscribed, you get access to everything. Unlimited access. No fear of not liking something. If you don’t, then no harm.

I’ve already enjoyed so many comics and watched things that I would’ve never been able to see normally, all because of this service. Even if all of the original content like Titans and Harley Quinn are a bust, you can’t tell me that you won’t find 5-7 dollars worth of comics and older shows or movies to watch.

Please give DC Universe a try. You will not be disappointed.