Episode 034: Spider-Man: Far From Home, Long Shot, Chernobyl and so much more!


Avengers: Endgame has taken over the box office and virtually every theater in the country. But other movies are actually showing! Like Long Shot, a romantic comedy that once upon a time would’ve gotten a lot of attention. We review the Charlize Theron-Seth Rogen laughfest.

Also, the Marvel machine keeps churning and dropped a new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, which we break down. And we take a look at the first episode of HBO’s Chernobyl miniseries. You can listen right here!

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1:48 - Reaction to new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer

13:28 - Reviewing Long Shot

25:50 - Sonic the Hedgehog trailer uproar

33:28 - Reviewing first episode of HBO’s Chernobyl miniseries

The Chernobyl Podcast (Apple Podcasts)

49:56 - Quick Hits

Disney adds three dates to release slate for Star Wars films

— The Starbucks cup on Game of Thrones

52:47 - What we’re enjoying this week

Ian: Def Leppard at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction

Chris: American Idol

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