Avengers 4

Episode 016: Avengers Endgame

Will an “Avengers 4” trailer disrupt the space-time continuum on the latest Amusement Park Podcast? We discuss the Captain Marvel trailer, review Fantastic Beasts, lament Netflix canceling Daredevil, catch up on DC superhero TV, and share what we’re enjoying this week.


01:45 - Would fans really be upset if the title for “Avengers 4” wasn’t in the trailer?

05:15 - Future Chris and Future Ian interrupt for a reaction to the Avengers: Endgame trailer


26:42 - Reaction to the Captain Marvel trailer

37:24 - Chris isn’t excited about SHAZAM!

46:40 - Fantastic Beasts review

1:10:34 - Season 5 of The Flash so far

1:18:01 - Season 7 of Arrow, eight episodes in

1:25:10 - Catching up on DC Universe’s Titans

1:31:44 - What we’re enjoying this week

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