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Episode 033: Avengers: Endgame review - WITH SPOILERS

What else could we talk about for our latest podcast but Avengers: Endgame? The blockbuster spectacle is taking over the world and vacuuming up all of our moviegoing money!

Our discussion gets into MAJOR SPOILERS, recapping what we loved (and maybe nitpicked) from the movie we’ve all been waiting for. So if you haven’t yet seen Endgame, you may want to hold off on listening until then. But please come back and listen to our review! Compare your reactions to ours!

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1:00 - The quickly discarded plan to review Endgame right after seeing it

7:54 - The massive amounts of money and box office records Endgame is generating

12:49 - Our Avengers: Endgame discussion begins - SPOILER ALERT

— How many times did you yell out? Did you cry?

— Were you surprised at how little some characters were used?

— What did you expect going in? Which heroes were going to die?

— Did you get your perfect ending?

— Who was Endgame’s unsung hero?

— What is the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future?

— Where will Spider-Man: Far From Home fit in?

1:03:40 - What we’re enjoying this week

Ian: Flash Gordon serials on Turner Classic Movies

Chris: DC Universe’s massive digital comic book archive

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