Bob Mould

Episode 021: Getting pumped for 2019! Marvel, DC, Comics, TV and Movies - Oh, My!

Avengers, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, DC Universe! On the latest Amusement Park Podcast, we each pick 10 things we're most excited for in 2019. Also, thoughts on the Golden Globes and what we're enjoying this week.

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Show Notes

2:06 - What we’re looking forward to in 2019, No. 10 through 6

19:21 - What we’re looking forward to in 2019, No. 5 through 1

48:24 - Bohemian Rhapsody’s surprise Golden Globe Awards win

51:51 - What we’re enjoying this week

Ian: Cartoonist Kayfabe with Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg

Chris: The President is Missing by Bill Clinton and James Patterson

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