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Episode 026: The True Cost of Streaming and Mr. Rogers Still Has the Right Idea

Won't you be our listener? On the latest Amusement Park Podcast, we discuss the Mr. Rogers documentary, Won't You Be My Neighbor, which is now on HBO and PBS. Also, getting the best value for your streaming bucks and a bunch of Quick Hits (including Robert Pattinson Batman rumors)!

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1:30 - Reviewing Won’t You Be My Neighbor, now on HBO and PBS

21:14 - What is the ideal streaming service setup?

Chris’s article: How to live your best streaming life - and for less than $100 per month

Quick Hits

42:40 - Hallmark Channel doing Christmas movies all year

This Is Not a Drill: Hallmark Channel Is Now Airing Christmas Movies All Year

46:00 - First teaser for Aladdin, glimpse of Will Smith as genie

49:29 - Could Robert Pattinson be the next Batman?

52:22 - Oscars announce four awards will be handed out during commercial break

57:09 - Breaking Bad movie will premiere on Netflix, then broadcast on AMC

58:57 - What we’re enjoying this week

Ian: Rian Johnson’s response to rumors of leaving his Star Wars trilogy

Chris: Big Shot, ESPN 30 for 30 documentary

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Episode 013: The Curse of Heisenberg

Unlucky number 13! The latest episode of the Amusement Park Podcast looked dead, but we brought it back to life! This week, we discuss the Breaking Bad movie (and Ian still not watching the series — c’mon!), a potential three-hour Avengers 4, plummeting numbers for Marvel’s Netflix shows, and Chris’s dedication to Hallmark Christmas movies.


04:40 - A Breaking Bad movie is in production

‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Will Be a Sequel Following Jesse After the Series Finale, Aaron Paul to Return

17:16 - What other TV shows should get a sequel movie?

21:46 - Are you here for a three-hour Avengers 4?

'Avengers 4' Runtime Is Currently 3 Hours

31:25 - Disney’s streaming service is called Disney+

34:45 - Disney+ will have another Star Wars series

Disney announces second Star Wars series, this one featuring Rogue One's Cassian Andor

38:44 - Plummeting viewership for Marvel’s Netflix shows

Iron Fist & Luke Cage Cancellation Reason Revealed By Netflix Viewer Data

48:05 - Deadpool 2 getting holiday re-release as Once Upon a Deadpool

‘Once Upon A Deadpool’: Ryan Reynolds (and Fred Savage) On Franchise’s PG-13 Plunge

52:33 - What we’re enjoying this week

Ian’s 10 favorite Queen songs (really 16)

Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas is back!

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