Hall of Justice

Episode 029: Arrowverse Crazyness! Plus, Spielberg vs. Netflix

Oliver Queen is ready to become something else! On the latest Amusement Park Podcast, we react to the CW and Stephen Amell announcing Arrow's end after Season 8. Also, we note the passing of Luke Perry, his cultural impact and role on Riverdale. Is Steven Spielberg right about Netflix and the Oscars? Chris rejoins MoviePass. And what are we enjoying this week?

We’ll have a Captain Marvel review coming up in a bonus episode! —

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2:25 - CW and Stephen Amell announce Arrow will end with Season 8

Stephen Amell’s announcement on Facebook Live

Green Arrow Will End With Issue 50

Netflix announces first slate of series and films based on the stories of Mark Millar

26:45 - Luke Perry dies from a fatal stroke at 52

36:20 - Steven Spielberg doesn’t think Netflix films should be eligible for Academy Awards

The Spielberg vs. Netflix Battle Could Mean Collateral Damage for Indies at the Oscars

AD’s Trade Request, Plus Steven Soderbergh on 30 Years of Making Movies

50:24 - Chris rejoins MoviePass

54:50 - What we’re enjoying this week

Ian: Seth Everett interviews DC Daily crew on Hall of Justice podcast (Ep. 120)

Chris: Bodyguard on Netflix

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