Does it matter if we’re old or new to comics? Aren't we all fans?


I didn’t grow up reading comic books, as I have said many times on the podcast. I am 100% a newb, if you want to use that term.

In fact, the only reason I got into comics was because Arrow premiered on the CW network. After that, it was The Flash. Once I got into those stories, I started watching Daredevil on Netflix and then I was hooked.

I truly started to embrace my newly created comic fandom when I was able to, as luck would have it, get in on DC’s Rebirth and that’s why I’m more fond of DC characters than Marvel’s. (Don’t get me wrong: the MCU completely blows away the DCEU almost every time.) I haven’t been a lifelong fan; I never went to comic book stores as a kid.

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