Our Origin Story


No Rocket Ships, Radioactive iNsects, or Freak accidents, But...

Brought together by sports radio, Chris Cox and Ian Casselberry forged a bond over their mutual love of pop culture. Discussing movies, TV and comic books over text message just wasn’t enough. After talking about it for far too long, they finally took action and started the Amusement Park Podcast to provide an hour of escape from current events and talk about the diversions that make life fun. Their hopes are grand!

Chris Cox - @chrisc0530

Chris is from the great city of Dallas. (No, he’s not a Cowboys fan; maybe he’ll tell that story at some point.) A lifelong love of sports eventually led him to radio, where he called play-by-play for minor league baseball, minor league hockey, high school football and, yes, even arena football during a 10-year run that also included his own sports radio show. 

When sports wasn’t fun anymore, Chris left radio and found enjoyment in movies, TV, and comic books. He’s always loved technology and gadgets, and currently works for a major phone provider. But he wanted more, which led him to the Amusement Park Podcast. 

Chris has an amazing wife (whom he thinks he doesn’t really deserve), with whom he just celebrated a five-year anniversary as of this writing. She puts up with all his craziness, from his Funko collection kept in a nice closet to that love for gadgets. He also has a crazy 3-year-old son who keeps him on his toes and a wonderfully supportive family.

Keep collecting, keep reading, and keep having fun!

Ian Casselberry - @iancass

Ian is a freelance editor and writer. Beginning as a lowly blogger, he’s been fortunate enough to work for Awful Announcing, The Comeback, Bleacher Report, Yahoo Sports, MLive and SB Nation, and also cover each of Detroit’s professional sports teams. In addition, he provides baseball, pop culture and sports media analysis for several radio shows each week. 

His parents instilled a love of comic books at a very early age, encouraging him to read, lose himself in fantasy, and feel allowed to dream. Ian never became the next George Perez, which was once his aspiration. (Nor did he eventually become Batman. That’s expensive.) But he’s amazed to now live in an era where geek culture is considered cool and inspires so many of the movies he loves. Whenever he worries that he might be too old for comics and superheroes, the world lets him know it’s OK to enjoy such things. 

Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Ian is a diehard fan of Michigan football and basketball, and all Detroit sports. You can find his ramblings on his personal website and social media